Month: August 2014


  ☼ Salisbury, United Kingdom ☼ Film photos from two weeks ago, in Salisbury. Moomoos. More than just three little birds Pond reflection My paps. Sheep butts Meep! Race babes Little spots of cows and sheeps Advertisements

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  So… Canada eh. We arrived in Vancouver last sunday afternoon and the heat greeted us the moment we stepped out of the airport (a super rare greeting from Vancouver). I’m still trying to get used to being greeted by the heat after stepping out […]

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Wales Pt. 2

  So… one word to describe wales: Heavenly. God is good. If you know me personally, you should know that I’m not the holiest person around but this trip gave me the chance to relish in the greens and enjoy God’s creation. 7 things you’ll […]

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Wales pt. 1

After spending a week in London, we bade Charlene and family farewell and drove off to Wales. I drifted in and out of sleep a few times before we arrived at our first of many other destinations.  Road trip romanticized by Angus and Julia Stone. First […]

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London Day 3

  Friday was a lot more interesting than thursday because we did touristy stuff again. We went to St. James Park for a stroll before heading off to Buckingham palace to see the change of guards. BUT there were too many people around me for […]

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London Day 2

On thursday, we finally experienced the infamous London dreary skies and rain. It dampened our moods a little as we sought refuge in Selfridge and felt the full extension of our poverty. So many beautiful clothing but so little money. The morning was lovely though. […]

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UK, London (Day 1)

 ☁︎London, UK☁︎ After 13 dreadful hours, Brother Chua and I arrived at Heathrow airport. The subsequent extensive immigration queue was also quite a turn off but all was well after clearing the customs as we reunited with the parents 2 tube rides later. London has been […]


Goodbye, home.

In a blink of an eye, three months has passed and it’s once again time for me to go. It’s been a great trip back catching up with genuinely great friends and family. It’s times like these that show you who your true friends are. […]

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Dakota Crescent.

Dakota crescent houses one of the oldest HDBs (Housing Development Board) flats in Singapore. Built before the population of Singapore started to skyrocket, the low rise flats hide amongst the overbearing towers of newer flats and condominiums; all signs of a densely populated city. Also, […]

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☁︎Pinnacle@Duxton☁︎ Heavy clouds hung over Singapore, casting shadows on the land. We got as close to the clouds as we could, on the 50th storey of Pinnacle@Duxton. It was my second time ascending the building in a month and it won’t be my last. The […]

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Up on & over

Random note: I remember listening to the song “Up on & over” by Bronze Radio Return on repeat during a couple of occasions whilst I was in my first year in University. It was one of those songs that gave me the chills, good chills. […]

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My daily rituals now include going to a cafe, drinking a cup of latte and lounging around. Today’s cafe was Shop Wonderland in Haji Lane. They used to be a decoration boutique store selling home deco and little trinkets. As of awhile ago, the shop […]

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