Apple Fest

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This space has been rather quiet as of late no thanks to midterm season. Life has been filled with loads of studying (YAY!) and productivity (or well I try). Last sunday though, the roommates and I made it to the Apple Fest in the UBC botanical garden. It was a beautiful sunday morning, with tons of children prancing around their parents’ shoulders spending quality family time. The roommates and I spent quality roommate time that morning, tasting apples and eating perogies. It’s a really nice break from studying. Also, we got to eat copious amounts of apples during the Apple tasting. So good but I think I’m done with eating apples for awhile. Hahaha.


Roomies Rachel and Adeline. Lots of love for these people.

Heavy heavy baby cheeks.

Smile for the camera everyone! 20141020-IMG_5981

Not forgetting the lovely old ladies selling apple pies20141020-IMG_5982

And this kid who wants some of that apple pie.20141020-IMG_5985 20141020-IMG_5987 20141020-IMG_5991

Everyone wants a dog. I want a dog tooooo.

Apple chips ❤
20141020-IMG_5995 20141020-IMG_5999 20141020-IMG_6005 20141020-IMG_6013 20141020-IMG_6018

Beef chili. Nuff said.
20141020-IMG_6024 20141020-IMG_6047

Apple tasting!20141020-IMG_6049 20141020-IMG_6065 20141020-IMG_6070 20141020-IMG_6072 20141020-IMG_6079 20141020-IMG_6083 20141020-IMG_6086

Perogies and sausage made my morning.20141020-IMG_6090 20141020-IMG_6100 20141020-IMG_6107

I’m so glad Adeline insisted I go for the Apple fest instead of staying home to study. It was so worth it.


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