Month: April 2015


I love it when people from home come to visit because I get to bring them to my favourite places, providing me with a perfect excuse to take a break from studying. The cliff is one my favourite places to go. Such great heights People […]

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Analog Part I.

This year, I lost touch with film for a little bit. I only finished a roll this semester but I realized that this roll contained most of the highlights of the past 4 months.  Some days, I want to go home. But home no longer […]

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Lighthouse Park

This week has been a roller coaster with mini anxiety attacks eating me alive mixed with the euphoria of summer’s arrival, I guess we can safely say that “School’s Out”. In the midst of excitement, I can’t help but feel slightly down because second year […]

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After the rain destroyed all the beautiful flowers, their bodies were scattered on the bodies of the grass. Then the flowers decompose and flow into the ground to provide the grass with more life. And then the flowers bloom again a year later. Symbiotic relationships. […]

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