Deep Sea Baby

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Deep Sea Baby, I follow you

Deep Sea Exhibition, ArtScience Museum, Singapore.

One word to describe the exhibition: Alluring.
My love for seafood aside, the fishes’ lack of pigments and intriguing features turned my afternoon into a mini learning journey. The fishes reaffirmed my fear/love for the deep sea. Conquering my fear of the sea has always been a struggle during snorkeling trips. The first jump’s the worst, the next thing I know, I’m swimming amongst the most beautiful creatures I’ve ever seen. It makes the other jumps a whole lot less stressful. Sharks are still one of my greatest nightmares though. I’ve been told that they’re one of the shyest fishes but I think the movie, Jaw, terrorized me as a child, scarring me till this day.

(I realized that this paragraph is just of me babbling but it’s 2 in the morning and I’m just being really honest with my train of thoughts. Just thought you guys should know.)
20150716-IMG_6102 20150716-IMG_6110 20150716-IMG_6113 20150716-IMG_6116I’m bad with names but this creature reminded me so much of the anatomical human heart.
What a beauty.

My day was fairly satisfactory. How was yours?


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