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It’s been awhile since I updated this space so here goes.


For starters, Christmas is a month away and we’re about the bid 2015 goodbye when I still have to stop and think if we’re in 2014 or 2015 when I write the date. You would think that after writing dates for 11 months, one would get used to writing 2015 but I think my internal clock stopped in 2014, and this year’s seems like nothing but a fleeting moment.

The love/hate relationship with the cold is starting to set in, and for the past 2 years, I loved the cold. But now, it creeps into my bones through the means of violent gusts of winds racing through the blocks. Hence the love/hate relationship.


Remnants of autumn

20151121-IMG_0752Nitobe’s last shine before spring.

20151121-IMG_0840On good days, the cold doesn’t hurt as much.20151121-IMG_0770



20151121-IMG_0882Sorry for stepping on you, grass.

20151121-IMG_1046An inception between Jolie and I: Jociaption (as she calls it). I’m glad to have found her.

20151121-IMG_1048I can foresee my future home being this messy.

20151121-IMG_0780Hi Michael.

20151124-IMG_0054Locked out of Nitobe 20151124-IMG_0040Huff and puff and…

20151124-IMG_0046Blow your house away~


20151124-IMG_0073And finally, the sea. The great unknown.



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