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The last time I visited Victoria, we arrived on a cruise and were only given four short hours to spend on island. This reading break, we finally made our way to Victoria and spent a good day and a half eating around downtown Victoria. It was pure bliss. We visited the Pink bicycle for their awesome elvis burgers and truffle poutine, tacofino for my all time favourite tuna tacos, John’s place for belgian waffles and nutella banana toast, Red fish blue fish TWICE for their tacones and Starbucks for copious amounts of caffeine. I wish we had more time there. Victoria, you have my heart.

20160217-IMG_7425 20160217-IMG_7427The blissful sunny tuesday morning

20160217-IMG_7429 20160217-IMG_7437 20160217-IMG_7530 20160217-IMG_7544 20160217-IMG_7562 20160217-IMG_7563 20160217-IMG_7598 20160217-IMG_7638 20160218-IMG_7646 20160218-IMG_7647 20160218-IMG_7653
20160218-IMG_7663 20160218-IMG_7671 20160218-IMG_7678 20160218-IMG_7701Albacore Tuna Tacones from Red Fish Blue Fish


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