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Analog Part I.

This year, I lost touch with film for a little bit. I only finished a roll this semester but I realized that this roll contained most of the highlights of the past 4 months.  Some days, I want to go home. But home no longer […]

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Midday stroll

This afternoon, I met up with Kirsty and took a long stroll around Boat Quay because of the rare nice weather and I brought my ae-1p out to show it some love due to my long term negligence of leaving it in Singapore. This part […]

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  ☼ Salisbury, United Kingdom ☼ Film photos from two weeks ago, in Salisbury. Moomoos. More than just three little birds Pond reflection My paps. Sheep butts Meep! Race babes Little spots of cows and sheeps

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☼ Portsdown, Singapore ☼ The past weekend has been fun filled as I have tried to do with every other weekend since the start of 2014. After being bogged down by my internship, weekends are the only time I can indulge in spending time with my […]

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Punggol beach

  Lanjut was great and I had beach withdrawal symptoms so Evan and I went to Punggol beach in hope of finding a nice and somewhat untouched coast line in Singapore. Even though Singapore’s a mere little red dot on the globe, the city still […]

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Lanjut, Malaysia

Ever since coming back to Singapore in may, I’ve been rather drained by the city’s fast paced progression, resulting in a severe lack of inspiration for photos and anything fun actually. But this weekend, was amazing. A few months ago, my parents signed me up for […]

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Kodak Portra 160

Just before coming home, I spammed a roll of Portra at Wreck Beach and I was a little worried about the lighting, however everything turned out perfect. Plus, the cheap film development in Singapore made it all worth it. Glistening water E.Mance Saltwater Sandals Georgia. […]

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